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J. Levine Auction & Appraisal did a great job for me. I liked the entire encounter. I found their representatives to be professional and very knowledgeable.
During the appraisal, they explained what the market was for similar objects; where mine fit in that range and what I could expect at auction. I felt their appraisals were comprehensive and well founded.
Being on-site during the auction was a good decision. I got to enjoy the energy of the crowd.
They handled the disbursement of sale funds to me in a timely manner.
I would definitely recommend them to others. I plan on using them again.
Gary L.
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I have lived in Arizona for 65 years. Over the years I became interested in Native American Art. I have visited several galleries in Scottsdale, and Sedona, and actually participated in actual digs for authentic artifacts. I recently attended an auction at J. Levine’s in Scottsdale, and was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the entire staff. They treated me with respect, and I left with a car full of Native American Art to add to my collection. Thank you J. Levine and staff.Ronald T.
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So glad the three day auctions are back. My mother is 85 and has trusted Josh Levine and his staff to liquidate her life long collection of treasures. The process began five years ago and our relationship with this company is stronger than ever.
She loves watching the auctions via the internet, and watching her items sell today tickled her. She knows that the market is what drives the prices, and is always smitten when an item brings above the appraisal, but, never disappointed when the appraisal isn’t met. It is a buyers market and she wishes she was 30 years old, not 85, so she could start collecting all over again! Josh, thank you for your integrity, and for the effort you and your staff have put into marketing and selling her estate over these past five years. She appreciates everything you do and asked that I let you know that. From the bottom of her heart, thank you and thank your staff. We’ll see you soon with another load.Ginger G.
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My favorite auction house in Scottsdale! High end but still can find many great deals and southern decor! I would not miss this spot, and all their appraisals, and more importantly realized prices have made me a regular!Joe K.
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I honestly don’t know what I’d do without J Levine. I’m from Scottsdale so I picked this House on that basis but they have far exceeded my expectations. You can fill an entire house with beautiful items for almost nothing. High quality items! I love this house. Thank you Matt and Josh! And the shipper I use (West Side Shipping/UPS) bent over backwards to get my items to me in Utah for practically nothing. Highest praise ever. I’m a lifer with you guys!Peter W.
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