What’s killing it: Contemporary, modern art

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Collecting Treasures: Art post-1950 and in that modernist style seems to be unstoppable Trendy is getting quite spendy. I continue to be amazed by contemporary and modern art values. Art post-1950 and in that modernist style seems to be unstoppable. We recently conducted our annual New Year’s Day auction, and this year, the sale featured a few fine examples of …

Cyclical furniture trends: What’s in demand

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Collecting Treasures: Recently, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of 18th and 19th century furniture … again I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: trends come and go in cycles, and furniture is no exception. Recently, we’ve been seeing a resurgence of 18th and 19th century furniture … again. In my 20 years of auctioneering, I’ve seen this period …

7 Ideas To Up Your Stocking Stuffer Game

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The psychology of gift giving is fascinating, especially at Christmas. Most of us have that one relative who is notorious for re-gifting, and the White Elephant gift exchange at work typically features some oddball items.

Stocking stuffers, I think, are hugely underrated, as many people choose to fill the stockings with inexpensive trinkets, like a chocolate Santa or a pair of socks.

Art’s value depends on whether artist is an A-Lister

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The world of fine art is a strange land to most and especially when it comes to its resale and its performance on the fair market. The most common question I’m asked is, “What’s my art worth?” And, it’s generally one of the most difficult things to answer. There are so many factors, but first and foremost is the artist. …

Is Native American jewelry coming back in style?

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Collecting Treasures: The artist’s name, as in just about all things, is paramount to value. In the auction world, we follow trends closely. Keeping current with what’s hot and what’s not is becoming a science. These trends seemed to have a longer shelf life you could count on, but with each passing year, as attention spans get shorter, we have to …

It’s worth asking if your purse is a good investment

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Collecting Treasures: Good designer handbangs can hold most of their value What a strange question, you may think. But no, not really. There are so many things that one buys without ever thinking they are a good investment. Most often, they’re not. But don’t think your purse, clutch or handbag is worthless. I am here to tell you, this might be …

3 Types of Rugs Doing Well at Auction

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Recently, we had a bidding war going on for a true masterpiece. But it wasn’t a painting, sculpture or other piece of fine art. It was a signed Iranian silk hunting scene rug that sold for $3,000. This beautiful rug measuring approximately 86 inches by 52 inches belonged to a consignor who had traveled the world. In my two decades of working …

5 tips for Boomers who are ready for some downsizing

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Collecting Treasures: We’re in a generational shift, and the trend is clear: Boomers need to get rid of their stuff Do you find yourself minimizing? Are you worried about leaving a legacy of clutter? Or, maybe you have parents who are of the age where it’s time to downsize? Well, you’re not alone. A recent U.S. Census Bureau report in June 2015 …

Military mania is a force in the auction world

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Collecting Treasures: The spoils of war are likely one of the first collectibles on records   One of the collections we often see performing well at auctions, worldwide, is military collectibles. As long as men have been fighting, people have collected the spoils of war. It’s most likely one of the first collectibles on records. Next to the early collectors of …

Do you sell Lord Vader now or later? When market’s hot

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I am often asked, “When is the best time to sell my collection?” And not to be one accused of keeping my opinions to myself, I say, “Strike while the iron is hot.” What do I mean by that? When you see record prices happening, sell your collection. Sounds obvious to most, but so often I hear, “I’ll hold on …