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We are excited to launch our new and improved auction platform on August 27, 2018. We welcome you to register now to get the first look at our new platform. Early registrants will be entered to win $100 JLA Bucks!

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Download now in the App Store or Android Marketplace. The J. Levine Auction & Appraisal app allows you to browse and bid all of our auctions conveniently from your phone or tablet. Auctions launch August 27, 2018! 

Why Sell With J. Levine?

At J. Levine’s we strive to honor your pieces, represent them honestly and give you the greatest return. To do so we are practical and honest about their market value and make sure our process is the best option for you. We start with a free appraisal where we provide insight, market knowledge and auction records to help you make an informed decision. Then, our knowledgeable and caring consignment specialists will discuss the auction process with you before signing a contract. Your specialist will be available to you from appraisal to final sale. Contact us for a free evaluation of your items or estate! 

Why Buy at J. Levine?

J. Levine Auction & Appraisal is a buyer’s paradise! Our weekly (yep, every week!) auctions have everything! We sell fine jewelry, antique firearms, rare handbags, collectible coins, stunning decor, fine art, Southwest finds, full estates and just about everything in between. All bidding starts at $10 and you really never know what you’ll find. Start your treasure hunt now!


J. Levine sold my mom’s entire estate by taking everything out of her huge house and moved it from Minneapolis to Phoenix in less then a week (packed everything, put it in the trucks, drove) had it up on an online auction in a week (hundreds and pages upon pages of lots) sold everything with some remarkable surprises …Read More

I love to bid on their auctions, they get a huge variety of items from unique items that I’ve never seen before to furniture. I have also gone to get appraisals done for varied items… Read More
Working with Deborah was a delight. She is a pro and always left me with the feeling of great trust in her abilities. When I was unsure and had questions her knowledge and experience guided me to make the right choices and decisions. Deborah and J Levine Auctions are the best…Read More

Is Auction a Dirty Word?

Many feelings may be evoked when you hear the word auction, I get that. Many people think of foreclosures, “losing the farm,” or a last-ditch effort to sell depressed property,

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