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The Garage of Regrets

Do you park, or try to park your car in your garage of regrets? If you know what I mean by try, you might be that person storing things you inherited or things you just couldn’t let go of. These items often never see the light of day until you “deal with it” or them. Or worse, you’re paying for a storage unit to keep these things you weren’t able to deal with during a move or when you handled your parent’s estate. In this case, you keep paying for your inability to let go of the past or emotional attachment. We say regrets, but it can also be guilt. The guilty feeling of letting go of a collection a loved one held dear. It feels like a piece of them.


I don’t mean to beat you up. In many cases you always intended to do something with these items. Perhaps, sort through and pull out a few mementos to display, but you just haven’t got around to it. It could be you don’t have the time or you don’t have the mental bandwidth, or energy, to deal with the past. So, if you keep paying rent you feel like you are honoring the past.  Now I feel like a jerk… I am going to stop picking on you all. I’ve in fact been that person myself. Paying for a storage unit for years, when really what I was storing all those years, didn’t amount to the rent paid. See now, the storage unit owners are going to hate me too!


Anyway, what makes me address this, is that a client of mine from a recent speaking engagements heard these comments, and they really hit home. She had been storing her family’s life long glass collection for years. It was a well curated collection with all the documentation and appraisals from years back. She contacted me and admitted it was finally time to let it go and stop paying rent. This is a common theme, when I point out this situation that we all, including myself, have got ourselves in to. I even remember making the call myself when it was time to let my father’s things go. I kept a coffee mug, dog stature and a bronze bust. The rest went to auction. I was quite pleased with the results and honestly a little relieved.


To follow up on the glass collection story, just recently we sold it for our client at auction and had quite a few pleasant surprises! I personally believe the collection is now in the hands of those that will cherish and honor it as their parents did. An adorable little vase by Daum Nancy which was French Cameo Glass realized $1,600. A fruit bowl from the early 20th Century realized $1,150, an Atterbury Pillar Milk Glass Syrup Pitcher brought $425, and a Steuben Rose Vase saw $325. Now you may not have a $425 syrup pitcher, but are you sure? Is it just “stuff” in a box or something really special? As I always say, ask an expert or let the market tell you. The fair market can be really amazing sometimes. It’s why I love and when handled properly, believe in auctions. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about a purse that realized $6,000. The client turned that profit into a garage addition. Now, that is not a garage of regrets!


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