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a new way to bid

A New Way To Bid.

The new J. Levine Auction & Appraisal auction platform and mobile app make bidding easier than ever! After conducting research, trials and listening to you, our wonderful customers, we have built a new and improved platform. This platform offers more customization and support to make your experience superior.

Simply register once and be approved for all future auctions. Registration is quick and simple, all we need is your name, email and a password to create your account. You’ll be bidding in just a few minutes!

Download our app on the Apple or Google Play Store to be bid on the go!

Bidding Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to auctions or our bidding platform here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Place the lowest possible winning bid. Use the “+” button to increase your bid.

Set the max amount you’re willing to spend on a lot. The system will bid in the lowest possible increments to keep you as the highest bidder.

If there is a reserve (a minimum amount the item will sell for), the system automatically accepts the highest bid under the reserve price until the reserve is met. Once the reserve is reached, the bidding continues using the lowest possible increments. If the bids do not hit the reserve, the lot will not sell. You can call us or send in a condition report if you wish to know if there is a reserve on a lot or what the reserve price is on a lot you’re interested in.

Ex. If your max bid is $100 the system will automatically take $100. If you change your max bid to $120 the system will automatically take $120 even if there aren’t any competing bids.


Clicking the star icon adds an item to “Your Items.”

A quick link to the items you’ve bid on, or favorited. An at a glance feature to keep tabs on your bids, how much you’ve spent so far and to watch items you’re interested in bidding on.

The history of all bids placed on a lot with bidder number, amount bid and time the bid was placed.

In the bid history, you may see bids that have been crossed out. This means a bid was placed, but the system never accepted it as a winning bid due to a competing max bid. So, the system skips the bid and moves to the next highest increment of the max bid in place.

Submit condition and shipping questions about a lot. Inquiries accepted until 2PM on Saturdays of the auction.

Ex. Does this come with a COA? Is this an original? Is this 14K gold?

Auction Reminders

  • Auction starts closing at 9AM on Sundays.
  • Lots close every 20 seconds.
  • 2 minute soft closing.
  • Instead of separate catalogs you can search by categories.
  • You can use the search function to search auction lots and specific items.
  • If you are having trouble viewing the new auction platform please clear your cache.
  • Condition reports are accepted until 2PM on Saturdays.