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Books By Levine

A Boomer’s guide to downsizing, their Millennial kid’s psyche and just things that are so…

In Josh Levine’s first book you’ll experience the auction world in a whole new light. From Levine’s impromptu mediation skills used for family fights over inheritance to strange estate evaluations you’ll be thankful to be dealing with your downsize! In addition, you’ll gain an understanding of the secondary market of online retailing, auctions and estate sales, gather consignment insight, trend forecasting, appraisal techniques and buying tips from CEO and auctioneer Josh Levine’s 20 years of experience in the auction world. You’ll finish with an understanding of the disconnect between the generations, so you can stop asking your kids “Why Don’t You Want My Stuff?!” as well as with actionable knowledge for your quest to liquidate “stuff.” We recommend this read to anyone downsizing or moving, anyone with an interest in collecting or auctions and lastly, for a nudge to any family member that you don’t really want their stuff and there’s something they can do about it!


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Josh Levine Speaks

In addition to his work in writing, Josh Levine offers a variety of services for speaking events. As a certified auctioneer with over 20 years experience he’s a great addition as a guest and charity auctioneer. He is a lively and personable emcee for nearly any event and is knowledgeable in areas in antiques, collectibles, auctions and niche categories – perfect for informative speeches. Learn more about booking him for your next event.